Recoal Europa has a consolidated reputation as a leading company dedicated to repairing refrigerating  semi-hermetic, open and screw compressors and to distributing spare parts for different brands and models.  Our long trajectory in remanufacturing and repair of compressors within the Cooling Industry sector, guarantees our qualified knowledge and experience in all the refrigerating compressors brands functioning aspects.  We continuously invest in personnel, machinery and equipment to provide a quality service, efficient, complete and swift.  We offer quality controls throughout the remanufacturing course, where each compressor is accompanied by a quality control record sheet during the entire process.  We are convinced that we play an important role in the Cooling Industry: “we recycle compressors”.  To us it is a privilege and not an obligation.  With the purpose of satisfying our customer’s necessities, we offer a wide yet increasingly selection of remanufactured compressors for immediate delivery, resolving in this manner the urgencies that may arise; as well as a wide range of spare parts for most compressors brands there are in the market.  Thanking you in advance for trusting our company.

Juan Durá Caselles
Managing Director